The Production Process of Power Strip & Adaptor:

1.Raw materials: 

This is the initial step where all the raw materials required for manufacturing, such as copper, plastic, and other components, are collected.

2.Wire harnessing: 

This step involves the bundling of wires using a wire harnessing machine, which makes it easier for further processing.

3.Wire extrusion: 

In this step, copper wires are extruded using a wire extrusion machine to give them the desired shape and size.

4.Wire cable assembly: 

The extruded copper wires are then assembled into a cable using a wire cable assembly machine.

5.Jacket extrusion: 

The cable is then covered with a protective jacket made of plastic, which is extruded using a jacket extrusion machine.

6.Automatic cutting and riveting: 

The cable is cut into the required length and the ends are riveted to the plug using an automatic cutting and riveting machine.

7.Injection molding: 

The plastic casing of the power strip or converter is then molded using an injection molding machine.

8.Assembly line: 

After molding, the different components are assembled in a specific order on the assembly line.


The assembled power strips or converters are tested using testing equipment such as a power strip testing machine or a converter testing machine.


The final step is packaging the tested products and labeling them for shipping to customers.